A treasured evening!

I wanna go back to the beginning of the party and see that beautiful room for the first time and enjoy everything again. Thinking of party recap in bed:

My sister came over to me at the beginning of the party before I went upstairs and said “Meg you have to see upstairs –  it’s amazing, and there are potato chips EVERYWHERE!”

Daniel came home from school today and I asked him how his friends liked the party and he said “They loved Gary – he was SO good”  he then added they thought the potato chips were cool too.  My friend said Gary was performance art and she noted that the black curtain you guys put up (nice touch) was like the theatre.  I truly can not emphasize enough what a big hit Gary lounging in that elevator was.  I personally liked the high waisted pants. BRAVO!!!!

Everything was timed really well , went without a hitch.

The wooden tables were perfect – people seemed to mill in and out of them and the lounging area.  I loved that adults and kids alike drifted through the party and different sections – you guys are masters for maximizing the flow.

I wish I could lounge in those big beautiful and plentiful couches and chairs again (btw they were not too fancy!).  Ceiling lights topped the scene off beautifully.

DJ had a great personality, engaged the kids and they loved him.

Food was awesome – the meat tasted like someone had just grilled it over a campfire and I loved it mixed in the greens – our Aunt Bonnie raved about the fish for a little too long, yet she commented she was expecting lukewarm catering fish and it melted in her mouth. Circular table for the ice cream was a great detail btw.  People were chowing down!

ALL of your staff for catering and party planning were SUPER warm and nice and it was an honor to spend the special night with them :)  I can not tell you how many compliments I received about your staff.

How wonderful it was when I had a small red flag in the back of my mind about Daniel and his buddies going downstairs to play hide and seek and Katie said she had two people down there already with them!!!

The party was impeccably planned, warm, fun and beautiful.  You took a treasured evening and made it come to life with fun, beauty and deliciousness.  It is hard to explain what a gift this is to our family.  It is more than a good party, you help us create something that no matter what happens in our lives, we will always have that evening to remember and cherish.  THANK YOU again, you are so wonderful and we are very grateful.



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