Caitlin & Chris

From finding the couches and chairs to helping with vegan food. Everyone was particularly grateful to your chef for arranging for a safe menu that all could enjoy.

You are also an impressive professional, very responsive to requests and communications and keeping a calm polite exterior no matter what happens and no matter how much you may want to show frustration or annoyance with the high stress of clients in the wedding business. I am impressed by your discipline, professionalism and understanding.  Your abilities are rare!

We are also pleased with the hard work that the Garnish crew put in and how they were able to make Caitlin’s vision come real. Caitlin ended up liking the different approach than she expected in the ceremony room so all is well! We appreciated her changing the flower crowns – they ended up being perfect and made the ladies look great in the bridal party line up.

CBD and Garnish certainly do an excellent job of listening and customizing what the client wants. The companies are wonderful.  Thank you to you and your staff. 

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