Why Compost? Our food is supposed to work circularly: Plants to table, table to compost, compost to plants. Placing waste in a non-biodegradable plastic bag to sit in a landfill for 100 years corrupts this process and creates challenges for our environment and resources.

Philly Compost is a local, woman-owned business that provides composting related services in the Greater Philadelphia area. They are licensed, permitted and fully insured. Their primary service is food waste collection from businesses and homes.


CBD has been working with Philly Compost for over two years. Though it is a significant added operational expense, we are committed to reducing CBD’s impact on our community. It’s amazing to see how many cans of compostable waste are produced each week by a busy catering company. And we are just one of many. It’s staggering contemplating the vast amount of by-product our industry creates. Ours is a small contribution to solving the much larger problem, yet plays an important part of CBD’s initiatives to be environmentally responsible.


What to build your own compost in the backyard or learn more about Philly Compost? Check out there website Philly Compost

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