Heather and Rob

“What a weekend! WOW! Before I send a formal thank you I had to just write a quick note to say how awesome you and your team were! Holy COW! Not only have Rob and I not been able to say enough about how perfect the night was, but our guests have been RAVING for the past week and a half! Seriously, you made my wedding day feel like a royal event! The College looked beautiful! It was everything I have always dreamed to have on my wedding day and ten times more. The whole effect, the atmosphere, the mood… I don’t know… it just came together and expressed who I am and the love Rob and I have for each other. Every detail was magnificent and I love how the staff added to the card catalog idea! The food was exceptional and to prove it, my brother, the chef and the biggest food critic ever, said it was the best he had ever had! So, please thank your chef! I didn’t get her name, but the maitre d was so lovely! She made quite the impression on several of my Mom’s physicians from her job. The service was incredible; I have had comment after comment from guests that they felt so glamorous and were treated like royalty. I couldn’t be happier since the day was really about the ones we love! Thank you thank you thank you!! You kept the night flowing and flawless and we really couldn’t have asked for anything more!”

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