Everything was perfect. From the moment of a warm welcome on entry to the fond farewell, nothing was missing. Dan, you were everywhere at once! So many people commented to me about how gracious you are and how you knew just what was needed. Peter was lovely as well. How really nice of him to come too!!

You pulled out all the stops. Britt, the setting was utterly beautiful and charming even despite our tapering of some elements. You managed to transform it into a winter wonderland and also paradise all at once!! The flowers were and are spectacular. Everyone has remarked upon them, and those who received flowers today were thrilled. As are we with the wreath and centerpiece that we kept. They are stupendous arrangements!!!!!

Candles everywhere were abs beautiful and created such an awesome atmosphere. It was really so lovely in every way. Really a wonderland. . The fake snow in touches was great too. It was wonderful.

Everyone commented about how much they loved the food. It was awesome from the appetizers and great bar set ups through to the extraordinary dessert bar. Dan, you did a great job. Thank you so much.

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