Tara & John

It was wonderful!!!

Venue – 5 Stars

The beauty and history of the building combined to create the perfect venue that Tara wanted.

It shined in its own natural beauty.

Each space held a new adventure for our guests and they loved it!

Staff – 5 Stars

They were attentive, helpful and kind.

I received several compliments regarding the bartender upstairs at the Reception.  She remembered guests drink order and had it ready as they reached her!  She was excellent!

Food – 5 Stars

Our guests enjoyed having several options and most tried every station!

No complaints, only compliments from our guests.

Reception – 5 Stars

The open seating and food stations were a hit!

Centerpieces – assembled perfectly!

The table linens were beautiful in the space.  The pin-tucked gray added just enough shine to compliment the fairy lights.

Last but not least, you were magnificent!  You were a pleasure to work with from beginning to end.

Thank you so much for everything!

Tara and John’s wedding was unique and beautiful and captured their personalities!

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