Allie & Schulyer

Catering By Design was fantastic to work with. Diana, our event coordinator, was organized, experienced and flexible. We had total confidence in her and her team. She was very responsive to emails and met with us multiple times to go over details. My husband and I added a few additions to the menu and bar to personalize our wedding all of which was done with ease and upfront pricing.

The food was so delicious. Not your typical wedding dinner. There is craft and care that goes into everything from the passed hors d’ouevres to the main dish. People are still talking about it!

Catering By Design is a well-oiled machine. They run multiple events a year, but you won’t get a generic ballroom event. Every detail can be tailored to your desire and the space at The College of Physicians is so fantastic is speaks for itself.

Randy & Allen

Our guests (and we) are still talking about the Lobster Parties.  Thank you again for making each of these events so enjoyable for all of our guests, and enabling the two of us to enjoy them, and know that all things were happening in such a seamless manner.  The professionalism shown by ALL your staff members, the attention to detail, and the gracious way you interacted with our guests, was simply superb, not to mention the fine quality, and variety of food.  I know you are used to doing these things, but I wanted you to know how much Allen and I appreciated every detail.


Lydia & Daniel

The College of Physicians was a great place to have our wedding. It is a very unique space and your guests will be sure to have a good time. Diana was very responsive to all of my emails and answered all of my questions quickly. They were very flexible when I wanted to change the whole seating plan at the last minute. They are very accommodating and professional and I trusted that everything was going to go smoothly, which it did, thanks to Diana and everyone at the College of Physicians and Catering by Design. They also worked seamlessly with our DJ and Photographer to make sure everything went off without a hitch.

A treasured evening!

I wanna go back to the beginning of the party and see that beautiful room for the first time and enjoy everything again. Thinking of party recap in bed:

My sister came over to me at the beginning of the party before I went upstairs and said “Meg you have to see upstairs –  it’s amazing, and there are potato chips EVERYWHERE!”

Daniel came home from school today and I asked him how his friends liked the party and he said “They loved Gary – he was SO good”  he then added they thought the potato chips were cool too.  My friend said Gary was performance art and she noted that the black curtain you guys put up (nice touch) was like the theatre.  I truly can not emphasize enough what a big hit Gary lounging in that elevator was.  I personally liked the high waisted pants. BRAVO!!!!

Everything was timed really well , went without a hitch.

The wooden tables were perfect – people seemed to mill in and out of them and the lounging area.  I loved that adults and kids alike drifted through the party and different sections – you guys are masters for maximizing the flow.

I wish I could lounge in those big beautiful and plentiful couches and chairs again (btw they were not too fancy!).  Ceiling lights topped the scene off beautifully.

DJ had a great personality, engaged the kids and they loved him.

Food was awesome – the meat tasted like someone had just grilled it over a campfire and I loved it mixed in the greens – our Aunt Bonnie raved about the fish for a little too long, yet she commented she was expecting lukewarm catering fish and it melted in her mouth. Circular table for the ice cream was a great detail btw.  People were chowing down!

ALL of your staff for catering and party planning were SUPER warm and nice and it was an honor to spend the special night with them :)  I can not tell you how many compliments I received about your staff.

How wonderful it was when I had a small red flag in the back of my mind about Daniel and his buddies going downstairs to play hide and seek and Katie said she had two people down there already with them!!!

The party was impeccably planned, warm, fun and beautiful.  You took a treasured evening and made it come to life with fun, beauty and deliciousness.  It is hard to explain what a gift this is to our family.  It is more than a good party, you help us create something that no matter what happens in our lives, we will always have that evening to remember and cherish.  THANK YOU again, you are so wonderful and we are very grateful.



Meghan & Stephen

We had such an amazing experience with the College! They helped everything fall into place perfectly! They were helpful, considerate and flexible and I would highly recommend them. The food provided by Catering By Design (their caterer) was inventive and delicious. Diana, our liaison, was a joy to work with and helped organize everything. Highly recommend.



The Academy of Vocal Arts

I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for a great event on Saturday at AVA.

Tracey and Pat did a great job of keeping it all together,

We threw a few ‘curved balls’ at them throughout the evening and they did an amazing job of covering them. I’m just back from a meeting this morning with The Main Line Association and they are still over the moon with the event you did on 10/16.

All the people I spoke to at BOTH events made the same comment about your staff. They thought they were the lovely, professional and always had a smile on their face. I have to second that. I know so many of your staff and you can tell that they work for a wonderful organization. Pat, you are an amazing addition to the staff. We are not the easiest place to cater in, but you rose to the occasion. Trust me, the holiday party on 12/16 will be a piece of cake after this weekend.

Many thanks again to you Peter, Pat, Tracey and the entire crew!


Angela & Rich

We spent a good portion of our honeymoon talking about how great our wedding was. It was so beautiful, the food was delicious, and your staff was so professional and helpful to everyone. Rich said you are one of the best he’s ever seen. I appreciate how you made everything look so pretty, and all of your attention to detail throughout the whole evening, and during all the planning. 


Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine

Cannot thank you enough for the amazing job you did with my event… rave reviews.

Tara & John

It was wonderful!!!

Venue – 5 Stars

The beauty and history of the building combined to create the perfect venue that Tara wanted.

It shined in its own natural beauty.

Each space held a new adventure for our guests and they loved it!

Staff – 5 Stars

They were attentive, helpful and kind.

I received several compliments regarding the bartender upstairs at the Reception.  She remembered guests drink order and had it ready as they reached her!  She was excellent!

Food – 5 Stars

Our guests enjoyed having several options and most tried every station!

No complaints, only compliments from our guests.

Reception – 5 Stars

The open seating and food stations were a hit!

Centerpieces – assembled perfectly!

The table linens were beautiful in the space.  The pin-tucked gray added just enough shine to compliment the fairy lights.

Last but not least, you were magnificent!  You were a pleasure to work with from beginning to end.

Thank you so much for everything!

Tara and John’s wedding was unique and beautiful and captured their personalities!

Caitlin & Chris

From finding the couches and chairs to helping with vegan food. Everyone was particularly grateful to your chef for arranging for a safe menu that all could enjoy.

You are also an impressive professional, very responsive to requests and communications and keeping a calm polite exterior no matter what happens and no matter how much you may want to show frustration or annoyance with the high stress of clients in the wedding business. I am impressed by your discipline, professionalism and understanding.  Your abilities are rare!

We are also pleased with the hard work that the Garnish crew put in and how they were able to make Caitlin’s vision come real. Caitlin ended up liking the different approach than she expected in the ceremony room so all is well! We appreciated her changing the flower crowns – they ended up being perfect and made the ladies look great in the bridal party line up.

CBD and Garnish certainly do an excellent job of listening and customizing what the client wants. The companies are wonderful.  Thank you to you and your staff. 


I can’t say enough! It was beautiful, delicious, elegant, and I didn’t have a care in the world. Your team took excellent, excellent care of all of us. Everyone loved the food and drinks. Gary and his team were consummate professionals. I very much look forward to working with you in the near future.

All the best,



Thank you!  Our event was such a success last evening; our guests, regardless of whether they were newly accepted parents, current parents, faculty, or trustees, had a wonderful time.  The venue is beautiful, of course, but it was the way in which it was set up for the event that made it so very appealing. So many people commented on how delicious the food was, and how lovely the presentation.  The staff was helpful and professional. And you made it all possible! Thank you for, well, everything, because you did everything!