The Academy of Vocal Arts

I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for a great event on Saturday at AVA.

Tracey and Pat did a great job of keeping it all together,

We threw a few ‘curved balls’ at them throughout the evening and they did an amazing job of covering them. I’m just back from a meeting this morning with The Main Line Association and they are still over the moon with the event you did on 10/16.

All the people I spoke to at BOTH events made the same comment about your staff. They thought they were the lovely, professional and always had a smile on their face. I have to second that. I know so many of your staff and you can tell that they work for a wonderful organization. Pat, you are an amazing addition to the staff. We are not the easiest place to cater in, but you rose to the occasion. Trust me, the holiday party on 12/16 will be a piece of cake after this weekend.

Many thanks again to you Peter, Pat, Tracey and the entire crew!


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