The aerialist and bicycle builder

When an aerialist and a bicycle builder get married it’s sure to be a unique. By incorporating their passions into their wedding and reception, Kelley and Mitch created an experience that guests and our staff will never forget.

The guests were asked to wear florescent colors that matched the table linens (lemon, lime, grape, peacock, orange, red and hot pink). Kelley wore a Technicolor wedding dress, neon striped stockings and neon shoes.  Mitch’s suit was piped with neon yellow that matched his sunglasses, socks and tie.   Mitch walked down the aisle with his and Kelley’s mother while Kelley walked down the aisle with her and Mitch’s father.  It was a very sweet way of symbolizing the union of the two families.  Following the ceremony, the bride gave an aerial performance (see video)and then all went downstairs for a cocktail reception where the bride and groom were challenged to a scavenger hunter.  Dinner was in Mitchell Hall. The room was bright with bold colored cloths and funky centerpieces created by Mitch with repurposed bicycle parts. For dinner, the guests enjoyed a rosemary-sage marinated filet of beef with balsamic grapefruit butter served with grilled asparagus spears and tater tots.  The couple then performed a choreographed first dance that was tango inspired and ended with a mid-air chest bump.  Two friends of the couple did aerialist performances throughout the evening. (A first at the College of Physicians!) They chose a key lime pie as their wedding cake, along with a dessert buffet that offered a variety of miniature pies (key lime, classic French apple, bing cherry and chocolate pecan).  Kelley and Mitch gave their guests a pair of colorful patterned socks, a bar of handcrafted soap and a game.  When it comes to raising the bar, this wedding was, quite literally, was over the top!

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