Catering By Design’s COVID-19 Guidelines

As we all are navigating this new normal of uncertainty, rest assured that CBD is constantly monitoring all guidelines and adjusting our protocols to keep current. We follow City/County, State and CDC regulations, in that order, to manage conflicting information. In addition, venues may have their own policies for us to adhere to.

We will update this page with new information or changes as they occur. Below are current Operating Responsibilities separated by venue, vendor, caterer and client.

Client’s Responsibilities

  • Provide seating chart that is organized by “bubbles” (families or groups who have quarantined together)
  • Provide this Health Form to each attendee to complete prior to your event.
  • Send Info page to guests two weeks in advance outlining what to expect at the venue. This information will be provided by venue & caterer

Venue’s Responsibilities

  • Follow City, County and State guidelines pertaining to guest count
  • Follow CDC guidelines pertaining to holding safe events
  • Sanitizing surfaces before and after events: door handles, bathrooms, staircase railings every hour
  • Signage to communicate information to guests:
    • Entrance: Welcoming guests/warning potential risk of exposure
    • Bars, bathrooms, dance floor: recommending social distancing
    • Traffic flow: entrance and exit where applicable
    • Increased Ceremony seating
  • Venue staff to wear masks
  • Hand sanitizer in bathrooms
  • Communicate to vendors their responsibilities

Vendor Responsibilities

  • All vendors to maintain 6’ distance from guests including photo booth
  • No Band/DJ encouraging guests to fill the dance floor
  • Microphones are disinfected between users
  • Photographers encouraged to take photos of “bubbles”
  • No reusing of props

Caterer’s Responsibilities

  • Follow City, County and State guidelines pertaining to guest count
  • Follow CDC guidelines pertaining to holding safe events
  • Temperatures will be taken as staff arrive
  • Additional seating provided for ceremony for guests to self-distance
  • Bar glassware to be set behind bartender
  • Single use wipes at bar – no towels
  • Encourage limited drink offerings (beer, wine, specialty cocktail)
  • Increase number of bars/drink passers in order to decrease lines
  • 6’ distancing markers
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at bars and food service tables
  • All staff will wear masks and gloves
  • Hands sanitized every 20 minutes.
  • Gloves changed
  • Sanitation Captain available during events
  • All food will be served by CBD staff
  • No self-service including stationary hors d’oeuvres
  • 6’ distancing markers
  • Create floor plans maintaining social distancing guidelines.
  • Guest seating per table determined by “bubbles”

Our Event Specialists are seasoned professionals who love what they do and are here to ease any concerns you may have. Also, feel free to reach us via email or call (215) 866-9500 to discuss your upcoming event.

CBD will be with you through your journey ensuring you and your guests are safe, happy and excited about your dream day.