Starting with a burger is one way to make sure your wedding day is the best day of your life.

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What’s better than an ultra-glam wedding at stunning ONE North Broad? An ultra-glam wedding at ONE North Broad with a totally chill beforehand snack of McDonald’s Big Mac and nuggets. This perfect marriage of fun food and upscale nuptials was accomplished by bride Maria Aurora Ciccotelli before her wedding to groom Tyler Peter White. The pair had a regal wedding ceremony at The Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul before their reception at ONE, a glam event which was artfully created with event coordination and design from Lisa Marie Chimento at Kaleidoscope Solutions and Tanti Lina at Papertini Floral and Event Design. See it all unfold in the gorgeous shots below from Joshua Michael Johnson Photography.

The two first met completely by chance on a chilly night in December. Maria, from Yardley, was out with some friends from Temple Law School, and Tyler was out with childhood friends from his hometown, Allentown. They both happened to be at Plough and the Stars at the same time. They saw one another across the bar, and Maria asked Tyler to get a drink with her. Maria remembers thinking he was handsome, and “After meeting him, our conversation flowed very easily, and I just didn’t want to stop talking to him!” They ended up talking all night long in front of the fireplace. Tyler happily remembers, “She came across as confident, intelligent, and stunning.” When the bar closed, he called taxis for Maria and her friends, hoping he would see her again soon.

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