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A Division of Catering ByDesign

Catering By Design, Philadelphia’s premier catering company for over 33 years, has announced their newest division, Infinity By Design. This venture, between CBD President Peter Loevy, and former Infinity Caterers owner Fred Morganstein, opens exciting new possibilities for these two catering pros. “For the last 25 years, as the owner of Infinity Caterers, I gave all of my clients the level of personal service as if theirs was the only event I was catering that year. These relationships built over two and a half decades provides a great foundation for my new role at CBD” exclaimed Morganstein.

After Catering By Design lost over 700 of its scheduled events during the pandemic, it has seen a bright light as COVID restrictions ease and rescheduled events can now go on as originally planned.

“Fred joining Catering By Design is the high point of a challenging year”, remarked Loevy. “Infinity By Design opens up new markets for CBD. Historically, we are a non-profit, corporate and wedding caterer. Fred is a Bar/Bat Mitzvah pro and brings a large social catering network. We’re thrilled by the enthusiastic reaction to the news from clients that we were surprised to discover worked with both us!”

Morganstein is energized for this new chapter in his successful career. “Infinity By Design takes my expertise and enhances it with a dash of CBD creativity. I look forward to, for the first time in many years, solely focusing on my clients and raising their events to new heights.”

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