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Embrace the wide open spaces on your Big Day.

The pandemic has made us appreciate the beauty of the natural world even more — particularly when it comes to selecting a wedding venue. Couples who no longer could hold their celebrations inside are looking to open-air destinations to set the scene. So we’ve compiled a list of Philadelphia-area outdoor wedding venues for your Big Day. From sky-high rooftop parties to intimate secret-garden soirees and ceremonies amid historic grounds, these locations offer various approaches to alfresco parties. If you’re looking for tips on great micro-wedding spots, lake and riverfront wonders or beachfront beauties, we’ve got that, too — and if you have a place you think we need to know about, email [email protected].

[Editor’s Note: The event capacities listed below are subject to the latest COVID-19 and social distancing requirements per federal, state and county guidelines. For example, as of February 26th, outdoor catered events in Philly were capped at 100. We recommend you speak directly with each venue for its latest accommodations.]


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