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The couple had been dating since they were 16.

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Some of the best love stories begin with longtime friendships, ones that change and grow with each couple. Such is the case with this duo, who have known each other since they were children and began dating as teenagers. Ten years after making it official — and another decade after they first met as kiddos — they got engaged during a surprise proposal at ONE North BroadSweetwater Portraits was on hand to capture the special moment, which you can see below. And if you’re looking for more proposal inspiration, check out some of our recent favorites here.

How they got together: Nandu and Shruti have known each other since they were six years old. They’re both from Sharon, Massachusetts, and went to the same elementary school. It wasn’t until middle school that their friendship grew stronger; they rode the school bus together every day. By the time eighth grade came around, they had a special seat on the bus. The year ended with a school trip to Philadelphia. It was significant to them — this would be one of their last times hanging out in a school setting. (Shruti was going to private school for high school.) The last day of that trip, they went on a Delaware River cruise. That night, they told each other how they felt and promised that when they were older, they would make it official. Their feelings never diminished in high school. They got together when they were 16 and got engaged 10 years later. Friendship is the foundation of their relationship.

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