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At the start of 2020, Catering By Design was bursting with excitement planning its third year of running the Garden Café at the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair.

The Devon Horse Show, which started in 1896, is the oldest and largest outdoor multi-breed horse show in the United States.  The Country Fair was added in 1919. The Show and Fair kept growing and evolving over the years establishing traditions such as the fanciful Ladies Hat Day that are still favorites today.

CBD was looking forward to ushering in the unofficial start of summer when the virus intruded into all our worlds.  On March 30, it was announced that the Devon Horse Show would be cancelled for only the second time in its 124year history (the first time was during World War II).

Disappointed, we wanted to find a way to still commemorate this epic gathering. The Lobster Roll, served since time immemorial at the Fair, is another traditional Show favorite. Last year we sold over 1200 of these delectable beauties making it by far the number one selling item at the Garden Café!

Our Executive Chef Roth Perelman came up with a great idea: “If everyone can’t come to get a Lobster Roll, let’s bring the Lobster Roll to them and demonstrate how they can make it at home.”

Please join Chef Roth as he walks you through the steps of creating one of our favorite summer dishes. We hope to see you all at the 125th Devon Horse Show and Country Fair in 2021! We’ll have the lobster pot on!

(Please note this video was shot for demonstration purposes and this food was not sold or distributed. Chef Roth ensures he wears a mask and gloves when handling food in the kitchen.)

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