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Events at The Historical Society of Pennsylvania create a personalized experience for your guests, with curated displays of historic documents specifically tailored to your event. It is a thrill for guests to view priceless treasures from HSP’s collection, such as the First Draft of The Constitution from 1787 or a Printer’s Proof of The Declaration of Independence from 1776, all in the exciting setting of this downtown Philadelphia event venue.

When FINRA hosted their board dinner at The Historical Society of Pennsylvania, displays in the Reading Room tapped into the history of banking in America. There were drawings & engravings of the First Bank of the United States, handwritten letters from the Biddle Family Papers, and photographs documenting the run on banks. Other various documents covered the founding of the Bank of North America in 1781, ‘The Bank War’ between banking opponents Andrew Jackson and Nicholas Biddle, and Jay Cooke’s work in financing the Union war effort during the Civil War. A truly inspired journey through history!

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