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Beat Street in Abington was home to a sports-themed Bar Mitzvah celebration that became a magnificent reality with the help of Pine Hill Events and EBE Talent.

The evening kicked off with cocktail hour, where neon lights throughout the venue set a party atmosphere. Kids grabbed their Shirley Temples and snacks, while the adults enjoyed cocktails, sushi and dim sum. One important thing we have learned about bar mitzvah catering is: two separate stations to please two different age groups!

As the cocktails flowed and the excitement mounted, guests danced and took photos at the 360 degree photo booth. With TREY projected in large retro-76ers font in the background, the crowd hoisted the celebrant up during the traditional horah. The night continued with a dance party that carried on for hours, making it an unforgettable experience for all who attended.

Bar Mitzvah Catering

Bat Mitzvah Catering

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